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Rolf-Stefan Scheible | managing director
Tonwerkstraße 23 | 69254 Malsch | Germany
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Our mission: Support Operations in Leading and restructuring of the central quality organization. ... more


Our mission: Supporting the French start-up tallano technologies in opening up the German market for the newly developed fine dust extraction solution. ... more


Our Mission: Increase and stabilize operational performance of honey comb based interior components production for the A350 of a midsized German aerospace supplier ... more

Our mission: Optimisation of the operational interior processes of FACC, a first tier Aerospace supplier based in Austria. Objective: Major increase of the A350 overhead bin compartment production rate to ... more

Our mission: Improve operational visibility and management at an aerospace interior supplier to improve short term production output at requested quality level ... more

Our mission: Definition of a new high performing and international business unit for marine operations at a new location. That included a plan for a safe transition to maintain business continuity ... more

Our task: Analysis and development of recommendations for an improved Business Continuity Management in case of an catastrophic event... more

Our task: Analysis and assessment of current Quality Management approach for the plant engineering and manufacturing process ... more

Our mission: Provide technical and industrial Knowhow in addition to H&P's existing financial and economic expertise in a Quality Management Project ....... more

Our task: Research and summarise Airbus Group's new Organisation, Product Range and Supply Chain Strategy for an international operating Aerospace supplier... more

Our task: Definition of hands-on processes and an according project organisation to support Lufthansa crisis management after a catastrophic airplane disaster.... more

Our mission: This could be your next project ..., call us in case you want to know more about our support (+49 151 16124575)

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