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Timo Strobel, Senior Vice President Procurement
Diehl Aerosystems

"foliofive identified in a professional way very fast the necessary means to optimize the production flow, developped and implemented improvement plans, which lead finally to a stabilized output of our supplier." (April 2016)

Diehl Aerosystems is world-wide leading manufacturer of Aircraft InteriorComponents and Modules for the big OEMs in the Aerospace Industry. With the „Floor to Floor“ strategy Diehl Aerosystems covers the entire cabin. The increasing airtraffic demand requires a substantial increase in terms of production rates, that Diehl manages today by a wide ranging global supply chain. That includes the setup and use of qualified suppliers in low cost countries around the world. In the frame of this project, the production process need to be stabilized from raw part production over machining to assembly to achieve finally a stable output.

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