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Rolf-Stefan Scheible | managing director
Tonwerkstraße 23 | 69254 Malsch | Germany
phone +49 7253 8800 215 | mobile +49 151 1612 4575 |


Rolf-Stefan Scheible is co-founder and partner of the Aerospace Consultancy Associates GmbH, which has been founded in Munich in 2016.

The ACA GmbH comprises the knowhow of five managers with profound operational and executive experience in the aerospace, automotive and railway business.

Together with my colleagues Dr. Thomas Lehmann. Bert Stegkemper, Joachim Rödiger and Stephan Barlet we are able to deal with complex challenges along the whole value chain. In our current projects we optimise the Supply Chain Organisation of a company operating in the mechanical industry sector and we support a German-French merger in the defence industry.

Our portfolio for you (extract):

  • Analysis and development of your core competencies
  • Joint development of your company together with you and your managers
  • Identification of levers to achieve operational excellence and economical success
  • Pre & Post-Merger-Integration Support
  • Check and “refurbishment” of your current production system
  • Coaching “the first 100 days” as Board Member, CEO or Executive Manager
  • Organisational development after major changes
  • Operational crisis management and prevention

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