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MTM/Refa Customisation SAP Lean Six Sigma Two Line Concept
The exact calculation of the production time is fundamental for a robust capacity planning.
The serial production is simple, the robust implementation of customisation in the ordering process requires experience which foliofive can provide.
Good processes need support by well designed systems. Our expert knows how that can be done.
Lean provides the transparency you need to manage complex production processes in an accurate way. We provide best practice approaches from Aerospace and Plant Engineering.
Experienced specialists solve complex problems by using systematic approaches (DMAIC).
We have got expertise in the engineering and manufacturing of robust fibre reinforced plastics (CFK and GFK).

The crisis project itself has one major target: Short term recovery of your full delivery performance. Afterwards we need to find out what the crisis told us and how we can eliminate the root causes forever.  This requires an in-depth investigation of the relevant crisis factors - from the production planning down to the operational processes for example the efficient phasing-in of design changes.

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