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Crisis Check in Aerospace – are you ready for rate 60?

Crisis Check in Aerospace – are you ready for rate 60?

Hello everybody,

as you know the Aerospace Industry and most of the Plant Engineering (Anlagenbau) is an international business. Therefore we have finally decided to change our blog to English language.

There are some news which are worth for a new entry in this blog.  First, Airbus announced a rate increase to 60 Single Aisle Aircraft per month.  This is going to be a huge challenge not only for Airbus but for the whole supply chain as well. If you are a part of it the key question is: Are you ready to achieve rate 60 in the requested quality and on time delivery performance? Especially suppliers which are facing at the same time the program ramp up of the new A350 may encounter some difficulties.  foliofive’s main business approach is to help suppliers in being prepared for that. Main instrument is our crisis check which will highlight all issues which could endanger this ambitious target.

We know that a profound analysis requires robust expertise. Therefore the second news is about the strengthening of our team. foliofive aligned with five other experienced Aerospace managers recently. These people cover all basic functions of any company like Programmes, Operations, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance and Sales. All of us have many years of operational experience in roles at Airbus, Eurocopter and Aerospace suppliers like Aircabin (today Diehl Aerospace Systems)  and Premium Aerotec. Together with our individual networks we are able to cover now better big and complex improvement projects if needed. If you are interested to get more information about this new group, please feel free to contact us.

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