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Business Intelligence (BI) - Impressive Tool for Analysis & Sustainable Process Improvements

Business Intelligence (BI) - Impressive Tool for Analysis & Sustainable Process Improvements

In our projects we always try to „customize“ our team to the customer needs.  In 2017 we engaged a former Airbus colleague for one of our crisis management challenges at a German Aerospace Tier 1 supplier.  Before that she has been working for a big international operating consultancy firm. Right at the beginning of our project she asked us, if we were familiar with Business Intelligence Tools.   

We had no idea and she explained to us the benefit of Business Intelligence Tools for the analysis of big data.  One of our other team members - our logistic expert - started immediately to use the recommended QlikSense BI Desktop Version for the analysis of manufacturing process issues („Ablaufstörungen“).  Quite quickly we found, thanks to the enhanced transparency of our data, a major driver which was not yet so obvious to our customer nor to us.

Since then, we continued to use BI for our analysis across all major processes. Major concern was the material supply at the beginning of the value stream.  We developed a number of charts and incorporated some logic to identify on a daily basis critical missing parts in the future.  It became obvious to our customer that they could use our tools themselves for their daily work.

Today, our major focus in our projects is to provide transparency at critical areas of the value chain.  We propose the dash board with the relevant performance indicators, test and adapt them with the key users and make them available in the organization. Major benefit is the improved transparency across the organization.  A dysfunction is now visible to everybody who has got access to the tool. That creates the attention needed to solve issues faster than before.

The following movie shows you the example mentioned above where we developed a BI application to improve transparency in the Supply Chain process.

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